Achieve Healthy Life From Fad Free Diet Plan

In market there are several kinds of tuna fish fad free diet plans available in magazines, online portal, etc. But the real fact is that it’s not fish that can make you look slim or reduce weight, in fact it’s good nutritious diet in that fat content is less, but protein is high that reduces extra muscle fat very fast. In society every second man or woman is depressed because of increased body mass. It can be due to various reasons but the biggest issue is rich carbohydrate food. Instead of suffering from high pain of gym workout or wasting money in surgeries you can follow a fad free diet plan. You must have came across diet plans in newspapers or articles about celebrity weight loss program or raw food diet plan they all are regarded as fad free because of popularity, but one should understand that fish free means healthy eating habits rather than staying hungry for hours.


First of all you have to pen down all your daily meals and eating habits. The best way to start with fad free diet chart is to go and take advice from a dietician. They are the perfect expert who will give you quick solutions to shed of extra fat from your body. Secondly, it’s time to follow the diet chart from morning to night without any break. On every week you can get addition or extraction of food items to get some change. Thirdly avoid uneven munching and take an exercise regime so that you can put your muscles into stress to come back in shape.

Fad diet

Remember, every human beings metabolism is different and fat cells accumulate at versatile speed so you cannot blame that your friends has loosed extra pounds and you remained on 5 pounds only. Never ever avoid food or skip meals because acid formation increases the fat accumulation speed. Usually people have a wrong myth regarding diet plans that it is based upon skipping meals or eating less. Some really stick on juice and liquid diet that is the biggest stupidity in life. Keep one thing in mind that fibrous fruits help in reducing weight rather than juice as fruits pulp fill empty stomach, kills acidity and stay in intestine for long time than liquid. In many cases it is observed by experts that especially woman avoid eating food in day time and take heavy meal due to hunger at night. It is the major reason of fat accumulation in their body as at night after eating dinner they go to bed immediately and no time is left for using source of energy by that food.


However, morning breakfast should contain, boiled egg, skimmed milk with corn flakes and wheat bread only. Heavy breakfast is good but do not consume any butter or cream products to fill stomach. There are various fascinating food items for breakfast but you need to keep control. Therefore, breakfast and lunch should have a gap of at least 3 hours and in between you need to intake curd with fruits like guava, apple or papaya. These three fruits are fat free and taste really good when mixed with curd. Thus, fad free diet method is easy if you follow it under the guidance of an experienced dietician.