Actor Interested in Portraying Booster Gold Character — Nathan Fillion News

To go along with all of this, Fillion also finds the time to attend a good many conventions around the world, and this weekend that included attending Wizard World in Chicago.


Another fictional DC Comics character who has been both hero and villain, Ambush Bug is a delusional human named Irwin Schwab who intercepted his super-suit – originally belonging to an alien being named Brum-El – after it crash-landed on Earth. I would love to see Fillion play the superhero though, and I think it would be awesome if he had a small role in say, the next Superman movie, with the Man of Steel saving his cocky ass to start the film. Just as Fillion said, he likes to show off and wants to seek glory and attention for himself. His reasoning behind the choice is that it seems to fall into his niche.

If the opportunity to play this character doesn’t arise, Fillion mentioned DC’s Ambush Bug as an alternative.

Although ABC has not confirmed the possibility of more seasons, actor Nathan Fillion may have confirmed during recent interviews that “Castle” season 8 could be the last of the series. In describing the character, he said that Gold was a show-off and vain, even going so far as to say that he was not too bright. Remember that guy? Little bit off his rocker. I think I could handle that. Although he did indicate that he felt that it was time for a reboot of Greatest American Hero.


However, there are no discussions at the DC to bring Booster Gold to the big screen anytime soon. Recently, Fillion worked in “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” where he took up the role of the superhero and voiced for Green Lantern once again. With the actor already being a part of the comic book worlds in some way, perhaps this news will open the door for more superhero related work in the future.

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