AdBlock Plus creator to set up independent board to oversee ‘whitelist’

What about the blockers that donate to charity?


We in the industry have to look at ourselves and admit that we might well have made the user experience so miserable at times that they want an ad blocking app to make it tolerable again. Another approach that might be viable for larger companies is to reach out to the creators of popular ad blockers directly.

The move coincides with its launch of an extension for iPhones.

Readers have grown increasingly exhausted of web advertisements in form of persistent banner ads, popups and videos that automatically start playing when a page is loading.

With the plugin active on Chrome, the uBlock Origin swept away any trace of display advertising from local news sites, Facebook was sponsored post-free, and YouTube videos played uninterrupted.

UBlock Origin combines a simple ready-to-use interface for those who want a simple cover-all ad blocker plugin, but for those ready-to-roll up their sleeves, there’s no shortage of customisation options in the advanced settings. Many companies have gone so far as to refer to programs like Adblock Plus as extortion.

Back to Crystal, according to App Annie – which tracks app store rankings – the situation is even worse.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft are among those reported to have paid the Cologne-based firm. Woops.

Cory Bohon has just a released a new version of his iOS content blocker Adamant, with a renewed blocklist created to make browsing with Safari even faster by blocking more ads than ever before.

“The issue is really about performance”, Murphy told Ad Exchanger. However, it is important to protect the content that you love, too.

For additional reading, check the basic layout on the group’s unique-and-in-no-way-inspired-by-Apple website. Since money is being spent just to get the ad to the viewer, that means less income for the publisher. “The rise of ad blocking will force us to confront the fact that the free lunch provided by advertising is not long for this world” he wrote. Loading times also increased by a significant margin during our usage. This is first time a major mobile operating system has allowed ad-blocking. 2 in ad blocking, at 24% of unique desktop site visitors, and Canada came in third at 16%. The app, from developer 10x Studio, is completely free.

Available on Firefox and SeaMonkey, Flashblock (as you might have guessed from the name) allows users to specifically prevent Flash elements from being displayed on a page.

Randall Rothenberg, the group’s CEO, called ad-blocking practices “definitely immoral and unethical”, yet he acknowledged that consumers turn to blockers because they are fed up. There are similar toolkits available for Android developers, too.

Murphy conducted an informal poll of ad-block users that found 71% respondents would whitelist websites that are optimized for performance, have transparent privacy policies, and only serve “acceptable” ads.

For example, ABP’s sole revenue stream comes via whitelisting payments, but Williams has no objections to others deploying the open-source technology as part of a paid app. Williams said ABP’s app will be free in the Apple Store “when it finally gets approved”, but he sees the cottage industry of smaller, open source apps as partners, not rivals, in its larger pursuit of digital publishing upheaval. In return, the companies compensate Adblock Plus for allowing their ads through Adblock’s filters.

The moral of the story, as a few would have it, is think before you block.


In addition, she highlighted that only a minority of the 700 publishers and websites now on AdBlock Plus’ whitelist had paid it money.

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