Adidas to James Harden: Your days of wearing Air Jordans are numbered

Khloe Kardashian and James Harden’s budding relationship maybe new, but that did not prevent the two from planning on having a baby despite not yet being married. Meanwhile, Khloe showed her love for James by planning and actually pushing through a successful yacht party on his 26th birthday.


Will James let go of his Jordan collection for $200 million? I would never consider myself serious with another woman.

TMZ released photos of Harden and Kardashian leaving a movie theater, and although Kardashian was rocking Adidas gear, Harden was clearly wearing Air Jordans.

When the deal officially begins on October 1, all of Harden’s non-Adidas shoes will be benched for the next 13 years. The second-place finisher in 2014-15 National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player voting – and the top vote-getter among his peers – last month agreed to a reported 13-year, 0 million contract to move from Nike, the brand he’d endorsed since entering the National Basketball Association in 2009 (it’s remarkable to revisit both how psyched he was by his closet full of Dunks and how much shorter his beard was back then), to Adidas.


“His ceiling is far from reached, which tells you the future for him and our brand looks incredible“. One of the reasons Adidas agreed to pay what it did is that the company believed Harden has the off-the-court buzz to boost its lifestyle business. The supposed 13-year contract with Adidas will restrict Harden from sporting any other sports apparel other than that of Adidas.

Adidas isn't happy James Harden is wearing Air Jordans on date night with Khloe Kardashian			Getty