Adobe debuts the next generation of mobile creativity apps during Apple iPad

All-in-all, buying the top-tier iPad Pro along with all its accessories will cost customers as much as $1347. With them, the trend of keeping the same build as the previous model but improving the internal workings of the phone continues.


One of the biggest new additions is a 3D touch screen. The users of existing iPhones and iPads have a reason to cheer as a free update is on the way next week, bringing transit directions, a news-viewing app and other refinements. While the iPhone 6s Plus’ true battery capacity is now unconfirmed, confirmation of a lower capacity will likely come in the next few weeks as the device is subject to teardowns and technical breakdowns.

This isn’t very impressive if you’re comparing the iPad Pro to a standard PC or Mac, which started shipping with 4GB of RAM years ago, but if accurate, it would be twice the amount of memory that Apple has shipped with any iDevice to date.

Apple claims it has reinvented television with the new Apple TV. For example, the company silently updated the iPad mini and revealed the iPad mini 4 which is more of a repackaged iPad Air 2 with powerful internals. With the new watch, OS2 developers will be able to create more native watch apps, which means quicker, more responsive and interactive apps using the digital crown and the built-in mic. If you prefer a mouse or trackpad to a touch screen, the iPad Pro probably isn’t going to make your MacBook obsolete. It’s said to have one of the screen resolutions yet with 5.6 million pixels on a 12.9-inch diagonal display.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said: “We’ve fitted brand new glass, the strongest in the industry X-ion”.

It’s nearly like Apple is taking a cue from the Microsoft Surface and trying to bridge the gap between traditional laptop computers and tablets – a market it legitimized with the first iPad back in 2010.


And when the iPhone 7 comes out, you can upgrade to the new handset at no extra cost.

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