Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Launches Artificial Intelligence Service

Just a month ago, Alibaba had invested $1 billion in Aliyun with the objective of expanding its presence in geographical locations outside China such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.


DT PAI runs on Alibaba’s core algorithm structure and includes feature engineering, large-scale machine learning, as well as deep learning. The new service is a way of Alibaba saying it is ready to battle its rivals on the cloud. The technology in DT PAI is called ODPS (Open Data Processing Service) can process 100,000 terabytes of data in six hours, which means that it can easily process 100 million HD videos in a day.

The company claims the platform is China’s first commercially available artificial intelligence platform. Interested customers can simply “drag-and-drop” what functions they want, before proceeding to application development, the company said. For example, shoppers would be able to take a photo of a product and be redirected automatically to the product listing on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms.

Aliyun’s senior product manager Wei Xiao has already said that their main goal is to create a one-stop artificial intelligence platform.

The competition in the cloud-computing space is heating up, and Alibaba showed in its Q2 earnings results how its investments in the sector have paid off. Its revenue from cloud computing and Internet infrastructure managed to grow 106 percent from the same quarter a year prior. While Alibaba’s cloud-computing division might still be in its early stages, it is slowly emerging as a rising star of the company’s ecosystem in terms of growth.

“However, DT PAI allows developers will little or no experience in the field to construct a data application from scratch in a much shorter period of time”.


In addition to having the most comprehensive service offering in China, our cloud business has a growing and a diversified customer base across public and private industries, including e-commerce, financial services, gaming and many others. “What used to take days can be completed within minutes”, he added.

Aliyun Introduces China’s First Artificial Intelligence In Cloud Computing