Alternative Iran deal ‘a fantasy’, Kerry tells Congress

On TODAY, Kerry also defended a central provision in the deal that gives Iran 24 days to resolve disputes before inspectors can access suspicious sites. “We’ve seen the Prime Minister draw a cartoon of a bomb at the United Nations and so on and so forth”, he said.


He arrived to cheers from members of “Code Pink”, a small anti-war group.

Kerry said it would be a huge mistake if Israel decided to take unilateral military action against Iran over its nuclear program in the future. “Instead, they will walk away from the tough multilateral sanctions regime that they’ve helped to put in place, and we will have squandered the best chance we have to solve this problem through peaceful means”.

Netanyahu and his allies in the U.S. have launched a lobbying campaign in Congress, urging lawmakers to kill the nuclear deal. Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jacob J.

Mr. Engel said he would be pressing the Obama administration about increasing access to “undeclared” sites and argued a 14-day period Iran would have to comply with American concerns over a certain site is too long to wait. About a dozen met with him at the White House on Thursday.

At the Senate hearing, Kerry told Rubio he was confident the next president would have enough common sense to not arbitrarily end the deal if it was being properly implemented. Senator Jim Risch, Republican of Idaho, said he had been “bamboozled”.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer later called such accusations “disrespectful and insulting”.

On Friday, Rubio fired back at Kerry, saying that the fantasy instead was “believing that they’re even going to live to the accord“. Republicans said the deal was a scam, with Sen. “Congress must do its job and stand up for the American people, stand up for our safety and say no to this Iranian deal”.

And he said that because of the additional inspections required under the agreement being reviewed by Congress, there would be more information about the best way to target military weapons to destroy Iranian nuclear weapons capabilities.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer in September will make the first visit to Iran by a European head of state since 2004, his office said Thursday. But with a vote of disapproval, they can block the president from lifting some of the toughest sanctions against key sectors of Iran’s economy that were implemented by Congress.

Responding to criticism that sanctions would be lifted too quickly, Lew said it would not prevent the United States from imposing additional sanctions over issues such as human rights violations if deemed necessary.


He says “the deal is not built on trust”.

Secretary of State John Kerry center Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz seated second from left and Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew seated left arrive to testify at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday