Amazon snaps up Jack Ryan TV series

You can check out our previously-published Origins and Evolutions piece on the character of Jack Ryan in the gallery below!


There was talk of a bidding war between potential networks, and now a victor has emerged – Amazon Prime, reportedly seeing off competition from Variety, Fox, NBC, Netflix and A&E.

According to Deadline, the show hails from Paramount TV and is a hot commodity on the open market right now.

That is until each story inevitably kicks in a few wonderfully ridiculous scenarios and the Ph.D finds himself in the field with rogue Russian submarine captains (The Hunt for Red October), or rogue Irish terrorists (Patriot Games), or even more rogue American presidents (Clear and Present Danger).


Amazon have picked up a hot property, then, which promises to offer “a contemporary new take” on the Central Intelligence Agency operative/analyst previously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. The character has never appeared in a TV series before. Basically, the series will be about Ryan’s rise in the Central Intelligence Agency, starting with his roots in the military and the U.S. Naval Academy, and his eventual rise to the presidency. The series from executive producer Carlton Cuse (Lost, The Strain) and writer Graham Roland (Fringe, nearly Human) is in production at Paramount Television, along with co-producing from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Skydance Media. Amazon is taking the show straight to series rather than going with a pilot first. The online retailer already sells the Jack Ryan books, as well the character’s movies in both digital and hard copy.

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