American Soldier Among 10 Killed in Kabul Military Base Attack

The Wall Street Journal reports three Americans were injured in an explosion that occurred outside the headquarters of the U.S. military’s Special Forces in Kabul at Camp Integrity. Although, if the Afghan National Army does a raid, the U.S. Special Ops troops will hang back, a special operations soldier who recently returned from Afghanistan tells Fox News.


The assault on Camp Integrity late Friday and within the metropolis earlier within the day name into query Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s capability to tamp down the violent insurgency that’s roiling the nation regardless of his administration’s concentrate on making peace with the Taliban. Camp Integrity is run by U.S. security contractor Academi, which was known as Blackwater before being sold to investors.

Afghan officials were quick to congratulate themselves, noting that in none of the three attacks, scattered widely around the capital, did the insurgents manage to breach their targets’ inner defenses. Though the Taliban released a video showing some leaders pledging allegiance to the newly-appointed leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, there has been growing speculation about differences between senior leaders about Mansour’s appointment.

“We suspect the upsurge in violence may be triggered by the succession battle within the Taleban”, he said.

At least 20 Afghan cadets were killed when a suicide attacker blew himself up at the entrance of Kabul Police Academy on Friday, officials said.

Military jets were heard flying over the centre of Kabul shortly after the explosions.he carnage underscores the volatile security situation in Afghanistan amid a faltering peace process with the Taliban as Afghan forces face their first summer fighting season without full North Atlantic Treaty Organisation support.

The suicide bomber ignited his explosives at the police academy’s front gate at around 7 p.m. local time, according to Ebadullah Karimi, a spokesman for the Kabul Police Chief.

No one claimed responsibility for the truck bomb.

After the Taliban confirmed Mullah Omar’s dying, a management wrestle engulfed the higher echelons of the group, which is holding conferences within the Pakistani metropolis of Quetta in an effort to resolve the disaster.

Most of those wounds were not serious, but 35 to 40 people were injured badly enough that they will need to remain hospitalized for several days, Mr. Hashimi said. According to Zafar Hashemi, a presidential spokesman, the truck bomb wounded a total of 240 people, including 47 women and 33 children.

But analysts suggest there has been infighting within the group between supporters and opponents of Mansour. “He is the one who has presided over the movement during a period of escalation of the violence”, Semple said.


Ramin, 21, who lives near the academy, was coming home when the bomb went off. “Suddenly I saw a column of flame rise up from among the cadets”, he said.

American Soldier Among 10 Killed in Kabul Military Base Attack