Americans are honest, really they are, or so says Honest Tea survey

The nationwide social experiment is conducted each year by Honest Tea.


The beverage company set up a display of drinks in 27 different cities around the country and asked people to leave $1 in a collection jar.

In Kennedy Plaza, one guy even paid with a fake million dollar bill!

Goldman said woman were more honest than men in Providence with 93 percent of women paying for the tea compared to only 79 percent of men.

“It’s always refreshing to see that Americans are more honest than most people assume”, Goldman told NBC Philadelphia.

Bald people were the least honest.

The least honest cities included Tampa (85 percent), Boston (85 percent) and Providence (83 percent).

It was the first time in the six years that the company has been doing its experiment that someone has actually stolen money from the collection box, officials with Honest Tea said. “Starting today, Honest Tea is encouraging people to highlight the unfiltered, imperfect “#RefreshinglyHonest” moments in their daily lives, across social media. Overall, Atlanta was the most honest city in the United States at 100% followed by Indianapolis at 99% honest. The company used an honor system for taking payments: the suggested price for a bottle of tea was a dollar, but no one was present to make customers accountable.


Some other interesting results – people with brown hair were the most honest.

Honest Tea Study Reveals The Most Honest City- Clapway