Anderson Silva Suspended For 1 Year For Failed Drugs Tests

Anderson Silva is both a lover and a fighter, according to his legal team.


The former middleweight champion tested positive for anabolic steroids Drostanolone and Androstane in an out-of-competition drug test on January 9 before also testing positive for Drostanolone, as well as sleeping medication Oxazepam and anti-anxiety medication Temazepam in a post-fight drug test on January 31.

However, as it turned out Silva’s defense against the charges set before him proved to be remarkably flimsy, largely focusing around his claim that he had taken a blue “sexual performance” pill from Thailand given to him by a friend in the weeks prior to his fight which he was unaware contained an illegal steroid.

Silva’s lawyer, Michael Alonso, argued that a tainted sexual enhancement supplement was the root of the two failed tests for drostanolone.

As well as drostanolone metabolites, Silva also tested positive for androstane – another banned substance.

Nick Diaz also failed one of his drug tests for the UFC 183 fight, testing positive for marijuana metabolites over the allowable limit.

The Spider was brought before a Nevada State Athletic Commission disciplinary hearing this evening where his testimony was heard. Silva won the fight by unanimous decision. The Benzos were not banned, but he failed to disclose them on his medical questionnaire filed with the commission and testified that he did not make anyone aware that he took them on the night of weigh-ins.

The MMA world will have to wait until Thursday’s hearing to get a better understanding of Silva’s exact defense.

Silva was not yet subject to the NAC’s heavier penalties, which won’t go into effect until September, at the soonest.


The UFC fighter was suspendsed pending the results of the NSAC disciplinary hearing. I’m not gonna say it’s a lie, but we’re not getting the whole picture here. I feel that there’s some intention here to use a product to come back from a devastating injury. “Hence my frustration for the last two hours with all of this soft testimony”.

No contest Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz fight in UFC183 but were later found to have been taking steroids and marijuana respectively