Another Palestinian stabbing attack on an Israeli soldier

A Palestinian man was shot by Israeli troops at a West Bank crossing on Saturday after he asked a soldier for a glass of water then stabbed the man while his back was turned, the military said.


The official Palestinian news agency WAFA initially identified the dead Palestinian as 16-year-old Ahmed Kamel Rafiq al-Taj, but the deceased’s relatives said that was incorrect.

Two separate terrorist stabbing attacks over the Sabbath have left an IDF soldier and a Border Police guard injured.

Allan, 31, is a lawyer from the village of Anbous near Nablus.

On Monday, hundreds of Palestinians in Hebron held a peaceful rally in the southern West Bank city’s centre, waving Palestinian flags and holding Allan’s picture while calling for his release. The attacker was taken to the hospital with a shoulder wound.

Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday postponed a decision on whether to free Allan, whose health has sharply deteriorated.

“There are still a number of problems… and he is being treated accordingly”, she said, noting the hospital was considering taking him off the respirator.

If and when he regains consciousness-and if he continues to refuse to eat-Israel’s government must decide whether it will invoke a law passed in July allowing the force-feeding of prisoners when their lives are endangered.

The 31-year-old Palestinian lawyer is one of a number of Palestinians held in Israeli jails who are taking action against abuses and mistreatment at the hands of Israeli authorities.

On June 18, Allaan began a hunger strike to protest his ongoing detention without charge or trial.

The first attack occurred around 11:30 am Saturday when a Palestinian stabbed a soldier at the Ofer checkpoint on highway 443 in Samaria. Israel fears that a hunger-striking prisoner’s death could trigger Palestinian unrest amid widespread disillusionment with stalled peace negotiations.

In postponing a decision on Allan’s release, Israel’s high court called on the sides to reach a compromise.

It is still unclear if the procedure will be carried out in Allan’s case.

Police arrested 15 people in Ashkelon Sunday after protesters in support of and against Allan clashed outside the hospital. Critics say force-feeding amounts to torture.


According to Samidoun, four other Palestinians now being detained by Israel are holding hunger strikes as well.

Paramedics wheel a Palestinian man who was shot after he wounded an Israeli soldier with a knife at a crossing between Israel and West Bank north of Jerusalem Saturday Aug. 15 2015. The Israeli military says its troops shot a Palestinian man who stabbed