Anti-abortion crusader loses visa bid

‘The application for interlocutory injunction is refused, ‘ Justice Geoffrey Nettle said on Friday.


Tom Howe, QC, for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, said Mr Newman-Mariotti had known his visa had been cancelled before he left the US.

A court in Australia on Friday sided with the “false accusations” of a pro-abortion lawmaker and ordered an American pro-life leader invited Down Under for a speaking tour about new American efforts to reveal the money-making baby body-parts trade of Planned Parenthood to be sent back to the United States.

‘Interlocutory action will not be granted to a plaintiff to protect his own wrongdoing’.

Justice Nettle said it had not been proven that Mr Newman had advocated the death penalty for doctors who perform abortion, as had been alleged, and there was no evidence that the anti-abortion protests he had been involved with in the United States had been violent. The video shows airline officials preventing Newman from boarding the flight to Los Angeles.

Sullenger earlier in the day lodged a formal complaint with Minister Peter Dutton objecting to the poor treatment given Newman, which included holding him in solitary confinement, denying him access to his attorney, and banning any communication with his wife until just minutes before his final hearing.

Newman also says he is nonviolent and has taken credit for steering his organization away from civil disobedience toward lawful activity. He also serves as one of three board members of the Center for Medical Progress, the little-known California group behind a video project targeting Planned Parenthood over its fetal tissue donation program.

Describing the move as “political persecution” on his website, Newman, has encouraged his supporters to contact the Australian embassy to ask the government to reverse the decision.

Anti-choice activist Scott Roeder murdered Tiller at his church in 2009, and while Newman condemned the killing, his group has continued to be associated with activists who promote violence against abortion providers and clinics.

Mr Newman, president of Kansas-based Operation Rescue, a pro-life Christian organisation, was due to speak at several events across the country hosted by Right To Life Australia.

The case is to be heard by the High Court in Melbourne.

“[Newman] does not hold a visa, he is unable to enter Australia and remains in the presence of ABF officials at the Melbourne Airport pending his removal”, the spokeswoman said.

The visa was cancelled under section 128 of the Migration Act.

“So of course I respectfully agree with the court’s decision in that regard, absolutely”.


“To think he is above the law gives us an insight into the sort of person we are dealing with”, she said.

Anti-abortion activists stand across Congress Street from the Planned Parenthood of New England's clinic. AP