Apple acquires AI startup Perceptio

Business Insider reports that Perceptio was working on “deep learning” technology for smartphones, which allows phones to independently identify images without relying on external data libraries or cloud-based platform.


Mapsense’s software was built using maps obtained through the OpenStreetMap project and, using this information, it creates datavis maps that turn raw data into trends and locations, and presents them in a visible and digestible form.

AppleInsider reported that the software will not tap into monolithic stores of data hence eliminating the need to draw from large repositories data.

According to Apple, Perceptio system if what the company has been looking for as it aims to help users reduce dependency towards the internet.

Both founders are artificial intelligence researchers from a prestigious university.

Perceptio does not have an official website, and the two employees named in the article, Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone, do not list Perceptio on their LinkedIn profiles.

Apple confirmed the acquisition to Bloomberg but would not reveal terms of the deal.

According to a Bloomberg report, tech giant Apple has acquired a small artificial intelligence (AI)-focused startup called Perceptio.

It is unclear what will happen to the company going forward, if Apple has purchased the technology or the team.

The iPhone maker’s latest purchase VocalIQ specialises in technology that improves a machine’s ability to understand human speech and respond appropriately.


Artificial Intelligence as a whole is fast becoming increasing vital as more and more companies roll out and try to improve “virtual assistant” services such as Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

Apple has bought 2 artificial-intelligence companies in 4 days