Apple introduces new Apple TV, supporting apps

Instead of an iOS-based software that we have used in Apple TV till now, there is a completely new operating system called tvOS. As Apple demonstrated, apps can range from classic content providers like network TV channels and Hulu to interactive experiences like online shopping and home-buying.


Apple intends to make more headway into your living room this time around, where the Cupertino firm has rolled out a brand new generation of Apple TV. Rayman Adventures’ logo has been prominently featured among the App Store presentations, too.

The Apple TV is powered by a 64-bit processor, runs 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, and has the same power, HDMI, and ethernet ports as its predecessor. Siri will guide or help the users in more than one way.

Users can control the games with Apple’s remote, which features an accelerometer that measures movement, as well as a touchscreen. This remote control includes a built-in mic, which is necessary to recognize the Siri commands, and a touchpad to navigate the new user interface with touch screen-like gestures. Apple also displayed some new models and accessories for its Apple Watch.

The new Apple TV, the small box that plugs into your TV to allow you to stream content from the internet, is full of new features.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was determined the bring apps and games to TV screens, and “over 60% of paid TV consuming is done through an Apple device”. Apple will be porting existing iOS games for the tvOS and there will also be exclusive games Guitar Hero and Beat Sports. However, the company has also confirmed that, rather than offering an open API which would allow any third-party developer to do the same, it will be working with services on an individual basis.


The Apple TV will be available in 32GB and 64GB configurations, costing $149 and $199, respectively. It will officially come out in October and will be available in over 80 countries. The Siri remote is provided with two microphones to listen to you, so there is no need to hold the remote close to your mouth.

The New Apple TV Is an App-Powered Fun Machine