Apple keeps CEO safe at $700000 a year

Patently Apple pulled the figure from Apple’s Schedule 14A report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.


Tim Cook rarely has much visible security when seen at public events, but bodyguards are doubtless there in the background. If you’re Tim Cook, the price is around $700,000 annually. The cash given to Cook for vacation was listed as $56,923.

Tim Cook might be a guy who can take care of himself, judging from the impressive amount of time he spends in the gym each day, but Apple’s not taking any chances: The company shells out close to $700,000 each year on security for its CEO.

Apple clarifies its expenditure on Cook’s security later in the report, explaining that it “generally does not provide perquisites to its officers that are not available to employees generally”.

Amazon spent $1.6 million in 2013 to protect CEO Jeff Bezos, according to the executive compensation tracking firm Equilar.

Apple said that they consider these expenses to be necessary and in complete benefit of the company.


The information is pretty interesting but it would be even better if we knew how much other companies are spending on security for their higher-ups. So obviously, companies spend plenty of money to protect their leadership. During the same period, when Larry Ellison was still CEO of Oracle, $1.5 million was spent on security for him.

Tim Cook's $700k Security Spending Is Small Compared To Other Major CEOs