Apple likely to announce its next iPhone on September 9

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event was held on the same date last year, and the manufacturer might be following the same trend this year as well.


While intimate details of the launch event are still unclear, it is expected that Apple will stick with tradition and host the annual smartphone meeting in its native San Francisco. An insider who claims to be familiar with the company’s manufacturing procedures said that the mass production included the module that will be used for Force Touch technology. According to sources that spoke to BuzzFeed, the event will be held during the week of September 7, with September 9 targeted as the most likely date.

The new Apple TV was said to be planned for an initial release in June at the WWDC, but was reportedly pushed back due to Apple still being in talks with TV networks for their web TV service.

Likely, Apple will also refresh the large screen iPhone 6 Plus, with iterative updates.

This new handset has low specifications, and is expected to be released this September with a fingerprint scanner & Apple Pay. Battery life or performance are usually the ones tweaked. As Apple has already incorporated the feature on the new Macbook, it is likely that the upcoming iPhones will also have it.

According to KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo, 60% of all the iPhone 6s models will be manufactured by Foxconn, whereas the other 40% will be handled by Pegatron. Apple investors also enjoyed the stock market rally as the company announced strong sales numbers. This timeframe for hosting a product launch event matches up with Apple’s previous launch events in past years.


Apple receives two-thirds of its revenue from the iPhone, so it is extremely important for the company to continue putting out exciting new phones with the features that consumers want. As the concept video suggests, the presence of Force Touch on the Apple iPhone 6s will let users get into the settings menu right from the toggles in Control Centre.

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