Apple Releases WatchOS 2

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For average runners, the Apple Watch has been adequate from day one in most ways. It involved serious re-engineering of the display.

While we’re talking running and the Apple Watch, let’s talk about a very clear example of how opening up more features of the Watch to app developers with this update helps to eliminate some very silly limitations. It will take the next version of the hardware to meet it, but our wish list still includes a better waterproofing rating, longer battery life and built-in Global Positioning System .

When Apple released iOS 9 last week, it was assumed watchOS 2 would also drop.

One lucky customer appears to have received their rose gold-coloured iPhone 6S already, and has done the honourable thing by providing benchmark results. Whenever someone looks at my wrist and asks me, “Is that an Apple Watch?”

You can download watchOS 2.0 for both 42 and 38 mm watches from our website’s Mac OS X area.

But, if you can afford it, the iPhone 6S is the smartphone to buy. I decided to stick to the mainstream model. Now, the iPhone keyboard will actually look like lowercase letters when you’re not in caps, though I have no idea why that hasn’t been the case for the past 8 years. In WatchOS the app is barely useable because of the screen time out feature, now that’s not a problem. This phone screams. Instead, the phone’s staying power is hugely impressive, seeing us through around 27 hours on a single charge without too much trouble. Apple apps have had the ability to run natively on the watch, meaning they can access sensors and controls directly and aren’t merely extensions of phone apps. First, the back of the phone can be a bit slippery, especially because it has rounded edges. You can now add passes to Wallet directly from Apple Watch apps. Now you can even time travel. Now in the settings you have the chance to extend this to 70 seconds. This is called a “pop”.

Tapping this will drop a map pin in a message, letting people know where in the world you are. But it feels like it’s just getting started.

“(It could act) as a password replacement for third-party apps or even a way to make payments, or check in to flights”, Stein said.

That same watch can now do more.

Storage, speed and Siri made the iPhone 4S a great upgrade for those still using the 3GS.

Unlike the process of upgrading to the latest edition of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows, installing the newest version of Apple’s (AAPL) iOS on your iPhone or iPad is painless.

Many improvements are still pending, however. The 8-megapixel rear camera quality was impressive. It’s not a major loss for casual snappers, but it takes seriously steady hands to capture video content or avoid overly noisy post-sunset shots. Those who crave specs-race evolution will be pleased to see the phone add significantly to its megapixel count, now rocking a 12-megapixel shooter around back (up from 8MP) and a 5-megapixel selfie shooter up front (formerly 1.2MP).

This last feature is, of course, the big new addition. These are regular still pictures which, when touched, show small bursts of motion and sound. Other OEMs like Motorola have attempted to do the same thing, but Apple boasts a much more mature network of retail distribution, advertising and celebrity support.

The iPhone’s screen is now three-dimensional, as the phone responds differently to light, medium and hard touches. On Monday, however, Apple confirmed that consumers are adopting iOS 9 faster than any other iteration of the mobile operating system.

Live photos could become a standard. The 6S ranges from $649 to $849, depending on storage.

Clearly the omission was noted by many and now you can make FaceTime audio calls on your Watch. We’ve yet to hear from UPS what these contingency plans are.


But Apple is moving to lower the pricing pain itself, while encouraging upgrades and cutting out the carriers. Old hat. Combined with marketing automation, personalization is as close as you can get to sales hypnotism. Register today!

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