Apple reportedly testing out new phone service in US, Europe

Apple has reportedly been in talks with telecoms for years and that carriers deem the MVNO as an “open secret”.


According to a report published on Monday, Apple is in talks to provide talk, text and data to iPhone and iPad users through an MVNO that it would start up in the U.S. and Europe. The Apple MVNO would see you paying Apple for your service rather than a carrier. Apple – just like many other companies – frequently tests out services and products that never see the light of day, though, and it’s possible that this MVNO could be killed inside Apple’s labs too. “Telecoms sources say Apple is looking long-term with its MVNO and could take at least five years to fully launch the service”.

Apple has long relied on carriers to power its iPhones and iPads. So far, there is no speculation on how much Apple might charge for an MVNO of its own. Currently, voicemail is stored with your carrier.


Interestingly enough, another report from earlier today pointed to Apple rolling out a version of Siri that would transcribe user voicemails, a feature which some believe also points to Apple’s MVNO aspirations. Once Apple launches iCloud Voicemail, you will not have that problem and will be free to sign up to Apple’s MVNO. Much more than a theoretical plan, the report adds that Apple has already begun trialing such a service in the U.S. The carriers will auction off spectrum for Apple to use. But in situations where reception is poor on one network, an iPhone on Apple’s virtual network would have the ability to hop onto another partner network with better service in its area. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are examples of MVNOs in the US, as they both run on Sprint’s network but offer their own branded plans and devices.

SEPT. 9 2014 FILE