Apple’s first Android app helps you move from Android to iOS

IPhone users will be happy when they finally have the ability to delete any and all apps from they deem useless.


How to download iOS 9? Siri features an all-new design in iOS 9, contextual reminders and new ways to search photos and videos. One of the key features of iOS 9 is the “proactive assistant” which works with an enhanced Siri. The release enriches Apple’s existing mobile computing experience, along with added new features.

Sure, technically Apple’s first Android app was the now discontinued Beats Music which it picked up through acquisition previous year and it’s developing Apple Music for Google’s platform, but it’s very fitting that Apple’s first in-house app is called Switch to iOS from Android. The company promises your iPhone or iPad will be able to run an extra hour without charging once you upgrade, thanks to higher efficiency “across the entire operating system”. This feature allows you to have two different apps open simultaneously, side-by-side, and use them both at the same time.

You can also try to restart your phone and try downloading the update again – you know, the typical, “Did you unplug it and plug it back in?”

Microsoft is no exception to this, and recently released updates for the Office suite that’s now available for download in the App Store. The download is only around 1.3GB in size this time around, so it should be easy to get even if your device has just 16GB of storage. So we hope your device will not get hacked and will also perform faster.

Those eligible for the update will begin receiving notifications from today.

Once the OS update has finished installing, you’ll be given a “Hello” screen, and then told that the update is complete.


When setting up their new iOS device, Android users can now select a “Move Data from Android” option in the Apps & Data setup screen.

Apple Owners Rejoice: iOS 9 Is Here