Apple to adopt BMW i3’s autobon fiber body for its electric vehicle

Apple is allegedly interested in the carbon fiber shell that the i3 is manufactured with.


Although the first negotiations were broken off, Apple and the BMW Group are still in talks, but BMW is said to be reluctant to share its carbon fiber technology with a auto that could become a competitor in the premium EV market.

Now according to a report released by Manager Magazin in its July edition, the Cupertino tech giant’s key executives along with Mr. Cook flew over to Germany, Liepzig to negotiate with BMW in hopes to use the German automaker’s i3 electric cars as a basis for its project.

Initial negotiations between Apple and BMW have collapsed, but talks over the Apple auto continue. It is rumored that the CEO Tim Cook started meeting the Apple officials during the visit to BMW’s factory in Leipzig. It is important to note that the news of Apple dealing with BMW is not new. And even if BMW has a hand in the body, production, or propulsion of the vehicle, it’s a safe bet that anything Apple produces will be very, very different from the i3 on the road today.

The magazine ads that negotiations between the two companies have been ongoing since autumn 2014, but that no deal is in place.

On the other side, Apple has been gathering media attention time and again by recruiting employees from famous Automobile companies like Ford, GM and Tesla. The company recently hired Chrysler’s Doug Betts and supposedly has hundreds of people working on the Apple vehicle project.


It is obvious that the current recruitment has been made with respect to the Apple’s dream project.

Tim Cook wanted to use the BMW i3's body for Apple Car