Apple unveils huge Apple TV upgrade with new remote, Siri more

Apple has just completely revolutionized its new TV set top box.


There really is so much to talk about because of the great new Apple TV features, but two of those that standout to us has to be the Apple TV Remote and also the awesome Siri filter search.

tvOS is now available for developers to test their apps and start experimenting with the operating system. The Siri Remote is motion controller that can be used to play games like on the Nintendo Wii.

A dedicated Siri button sits below the touch panel allowing you to make demands with your voice like “show me amusing TV shows”, and have a list appear on the screen. You can still ask Siri about the information you would normally want from it, such as sports scores and the weather, which will also not interrupt whatever you’re watching. Of course, in making the new Apple TV a gaming platform, Apple isn’t trying to appeal to hardcore gamers, because Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are already big in that space.

The new Apple TV is coming in October for $149 with 32GB storage and $199 for 64GB storage.

The revamped streaming box will run on the new tvOS operating system, based on Apple’s iOS, allowing iOS developers to create new apps and games specifically for Apple TV. Enter the New Apple TV.

The new Apple TV will also come with a shopping app called Gilt. The new device can search through shows and movies available on a range of apps including Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime.


Judging by the announcement that proceeded Tim Cook’s provocative vision, though, it actually seems to be about an updated interface, new interactions and games, as well. To access the selection, they have to go to the Apple TV-focused App Store – which is filled to the brim with a multitude of games and other apps from third party developers, according to Wired.

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