Apple Watch coming to Target this month

It is possible that Target will extend that courtesy to potential Apple Watch customers as well. At, Apple Watch will be available beginning October. 18. That’s enough to cover pretty much the whole country, and makes it much easier for shoppers to walk in a store and get their hands on an Apple Watch.


Target said it will begin selling the Apple Watch at a few of its discount stores this week – a surprise move that comes as the tech giant has taken pains to showcase the watch as a luxury item at its own stores.

Target is gearing up to start selling the Apple Watch online and in physical stores, with an initial rollout set for this week.

Apple hasn’t discharged any official deals numbers for the Apple Watch. The latest evidence that Apple is gearing up for a big sales push are the plans to boost the company’s presence in Target stores, which will soon include sales of the Apple Watch.

This larger and more budget conscious retailer should be carrying the Apple Watch in plenty of time for the holiday shopping season.

After initially rolling out just through Apple’s channels, the Apple Watch has slowly been expanding to other retailers.

However, a new study claims that “normal” owners say they love their smartwatch, with satisfaction levels at an astonishing high. The smartwatch offers at a normal cost of $529, as indicated by a review of 2,000 Apple Watch wearers by exploration aggregate Wristly.


By comparison, Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets the first weekend they went on sale.

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