Are you ready for a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket for 2016?

Joe would have to beat Bernie Sanders and rout the Elizabeth Warren liberals.


Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a memorial service at Chattanooga’s McKenzie Arena on August 15, 2015 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As a Harvard Law professor, Warren’s specialty is bankruptcy law, and more than a decade ago – long before she became famous – Warren expressed her disappointment with Clinton for supporting a bankruptcy bill in 2001 that was supported by the credit-card industry.

The DNC has remained in touch with Biden’s chief of staff about debate planning, though the vice president’s allies have not taken an active role in that discussion. Al Gore is a best-forgotten history lesson.

As Joshua Alcorn from the Draft Biden movement said in a statement, “The Vice President’s strength in these polls shows there is a desire to have him on the stage for the Democratic debate in October”. Although Clinton and Biden are ideologically closer to each other than either is to the socialist senator, Sanders is benefitting somewhat from the perception that he is the leading alternative to Clinton among the now announced candidates. They certainly won’t get Clinton in shape for confronting the Republicans. Ted Cruz is second with just over 10,000. Attorney General Maura Healey endorsed Clinton last week.

In the 1970s, Democrats didn’t trust the government, or anyone over 30 for that matter.

Warren, despite the wishes of many Democrats and an organized Draft Warren campaign among her supporters, repeatedly rebuffed calls for her to run for the nomination herself.

For Biden, who has twice unsuccessfully sought his party’s nomination, a decision to go forward involves factors beyond the ability to raise money. The same ones important for a Republican nominee. “Only saying that my bet is the subject came up”.

Moulton said that Biden’s famously off-the-cuff style, occasionally resulting in politically awkward circumstances, has been something of a model for his own fledgling career. Over all, “la-la in the sky” ideologies only work in someone’s daydreams. “I can see arguments either way”.

How about one with common sense?

“He’s not unrealistic that if she’s able to right the ship here, at this point it’s tough, really tough, to see a lot of Democrats coming off her. On the other hand, the things with the emails and everything else could deteriorate – who knows? And I also have a great deal of disagreement with the economic policies he espouses, which are good for billionaires but bad for working people“.

Which candidate most almost represents this ideal? Polarization raises the floor for candidates of both parties, even ones who are damaged.


Schale, a top Democratic strategist in the key swing state of Florida and a veteran of President Barack Obama’s campaigns, got to emailing back and forth with one of the story’s authors, Jonathan Martin.

Decision nearing, Biden games out mechanics of a 2016 run