Army veteran charged Oregon college shooter

A total of 7,914 people, so far, have donated to Derek Bourgeois’ mission to make sure Mintz and his family will be financially stable while dealing with the aftermath of the injuries he sustained while rushing toward 26-year-old gunman Chris Harper Mercer.


“My brother talked to Chris on the phone while Chris was walking into school to tell him to remind his grandson that grandpa said, ‘Happy Birthday, ‘” said Wanda Mintz.

Derrick McClendon, a former neighbor of Mercer when he lived in California, said the young man was very withdrawn and ill at ease.

He got hit in the back, stomach and hands and suffered two broken legs, but doctors gave the family a positive outlook during a day of tragedy.

She said she wasn’t at all surprised by Mintz’s instinct to jump in and try to protect others.

Family members had spoken to Chris before the shootings.

The gunman carried six guns, body armor and five magazines of bullets with him to campus.

Another official said Mercer, who lived with his mother, was obsessed with guns and religion and had leanings toward white supremacy.

The community is coming together to honor and help Mintz for his actions. “And eventually, this will only serve to inspire future shooters”. He also reportedly left behind a box.

Mercer’s neighbors in Oregon described him as a withdrawn, anxious man who wore the same outfit every day – combat boots, green army trousers and a white T-shirt. Grabbing people, telling them you just have to go. Along the freeway other billboards share the same message.

But enough was known to trigger outrage and profound frustration that a new place name – Roseburg, Oregon – had joined to the list of communities scarred by mass shootings.

The Oregon community college where nine people were shot and killed has canceled classes for all of next week. He was shot to death inside.

“Chris is an inspiration to all of us”, wrote a cousin, Carla Earnhardt, on Facebook.

But will anyone’s minds be changed about who should be allowed access to firearms?

Interim U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said Friday Christopher Harper-Mercer stashed a rifle in another room and did not fire it. He says it’s impossible to know what the shooter had planned for the rifle.

Republicans have called President Obama cowardly for “politicising” the issue of guns at a moment like this.


“He just tried to do the right thing”, Wanda Mintz said. One of the four has been released, and another was expected to leave the hospital Friday. Grieving families began sharing details of their loved ones. No one cares about his bizarro alpha male posturing gone wrong. She said he went through seven hours of surgery.

Pres. Barack Obama gives a speech after the Oregon shooting