Ashley Graham Strips Down FOR almost NUDE NYFW Lingerie Show

History was made at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday when plus-size model and body-positive campaigner Ashley Graham held the very first plus-size catwalk to show the latest collection from her lingerie line for Canadian brand Addition Elle.


And that wasn’t the end of the gorgeous matching sets – numbers in mulberry brown, shimmering blue and more sensual black shimmied down the runway worn on Ashley’s tribe of attractive models. Surely, if we’re labelling someone as “plus size”, instead of just “model”, we’re further prohibiting women of all sizes from becoming the norm.

Since it was only 24 hours after her sensational runway appearance, the brunette beauty was faced with the hard task of topping herself. The show was streamed live worldwide on Periscope and she encouraged the audience to tweet about it using the hashtag #IAmSizeSexy. The slogan on the fashion show invitations was, “We believe in fashion democracy”.

Upon closing, 28-year-old Ashley took to Instagram to say: “What an wonderful experience!” “I think now things are really changing”. This story is making waves around the blogosphere, with various outlets describing it as “innovative” and “exciting” to see a woman with curves (how novel) model something that, back in the 90s, would have been the reserve of the size zero gang. Tell us more about your body image work with young women. And then for Holiday, you have to do a little sheen.

While the show was such a memorable and iconic event, what she’s looking forward to most is the day where it doesn’t even faze people that she’s hit the runway. So, I was like, you know what? I really hope to do the same.


Visit the Additional Elle website to check out the new designs by Ashley Graham, including seductive panties, supportive bras and luxurious satin and lace chemises.

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