Auburn picked to win SEC, but Bama favored to win West

In this year’s media vote, Tennessee was the second choice in the SEC East, and two-time defending East champion Missouri was third. Auburn also beat Alabama, 108 to 92, in votes to finish first in the West, but it’s not that simple. But Alabama had more second and third-place votes than Auburn did.


LSU was voted to finish third in the West with 10 first-place votes and 870 points.

Every school received at least one vote to win their division.

The Bulldogs were followed Tennessee, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

To me, it’s almost impossible to unravel the Gordian Knot that is the SEC West where the team with the League’s best QB projects out as a seventh place team in the West: the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Continue reading at Knoxville News-Sentinel. On the last regular-season Saturday for the past three years, Ragland has suited up in his University of Alabama football gear, ready to get a win, not only for his team, but for his mother as well.

At the conclusion of SEC Media Days on Thursday, the SEC released the media predictions for the season. That’s one of the reasons I came to Georgia.

Senior tackle John Theus said he and the rest of the players will do what they can to make the writers look smart and get Richt the title he so badly wants him to achieve. Our focus isn’t on getting there as much as what do we have to do on a daily basis to earn the right for victory? Georgia would likely go 6-2 in Conference Play but own the tiebreakers over both Tennessee and Mizzou.


Moorey says there aren’t a lot of people bold enough to show up on Alabama day in Ohio State colors, “I feel like me and John Wayne are the only two men who could walk through here and do this today”. “He motivates us and really gets us going early on in practice”.

Auburn picked to win SEC, but Bama favored to win West