Australia’s new PM to visit NZ

Mr Key expects to discuss a number of political, economic, social and security issues “of mutual interest” during their bilateral on Saturday.


Mr Shorten also said that extremism would not be tackled by rallies such as those planned for the weekend.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addresses the media at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in Sydney.

“Australia and New Zealand have a close relationship…this year we commenced a defining moment in our relationship with the centenary of ANZAC”.

“I am delighted to host Prime Minister Turnbull in his first overseas visit as the new Prime Minister of Australia”, Key said.

“Faith is and must be a positive force in our community”.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull admits he uses a non-government private email account but definitely not to send classified government information.

“It is an absolutely shared responsibility, it is a vital Australian value … it is a two-way street. Mutual respect is fundamental to our harmony as a multicultural society and it is fundamental to our success”.

“In fact, he’s opened himself up to more questions”.

“This phenomenon of violent extremism, of terrorism, politically motivated violence, is a challenge for all of us, as a community, as a society, as a government”.

Turnbull said: “And should we not ask ourselves: how did that happen?”

“It is not compulsory to live in Australia”.

He said the face-to-face meeting helped coordinate the continuing political and community led response to the killing.

The leaders told Turnbull to move away from the “divisive” language used by his predecessor. It will take a great deal of time and energy to undo the damage Abbott and his ilk have done in this area, but at least a start has been made today. “We’re not only hopeful [about Turnbull’s leadership]; we have high expectations”.

The PM justified using the app and said that it claimed sending encrypted messages to other users with no metadata left behind to trace.

“These is no comparable country with its citizens and residents born from outside its shores with such a diverse cultural mix of peoples”, Turnbull said.

“It’s welcome to see measured language that recognises that we are stronger in our fight against terrorism united rather than divided”, he told Guardian Australia.

Turnbull has called a meeting of the heads of all agencies, including the security services, in Canberra next week to discuss what more could be done to combat terrorism.

“If you find Australian values unpalatable, then there’s a big wide world out there”.


“All of them spoke of their determination to ensure that we work together as part of the Australian family to prevent the spread of extremism”, he said.

PM Malcolm Turnbull insists he doesn t use a private email account to send classified information