Austria reserves right to send back migrants coming from Hungary

A handful of police in ordinary uniforms tried to restore control. But the Czechs haven’t renewed border checks yet.


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The answer may not stay the same for long.

Macedonia’s interior minister says “a consistent European approach is needed” to solve the continent’s migrant problem.

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) – Thousands of migrants flooded into Austria on Saturday, seeking refuge after shuttling for days in bordering countries that were unable or unwilling to offer them shelter.

Like a river diverted, Europe’s flow of migrants and refugees on Friday surged through Croatia, which sought to hand them off to angry and resistant Hungary and Slovenia.

“We were told there were 26 people in the boat in total”, a coastguard spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse.

Riot police used tear gas to stop several hundred migrants, some with children, that were pushing against a police cordon at a bridge on the border after a tense stand-off of more than an hour.

The Hungarian government decried the bussing of people across its borders, but appeared to accept them by moving them to be registered.

Those still in Tovarnik are sitting of lying on the ground.

Tempers are fraying among some migrants trekking across Europe.

Croatia had initially said migrants would be welcome, but on Friday said it was overwhelmed after seeing 17,000 arrivals since Wednesday. “From Austria we go everywhere”, he said. “Two hundred police have been assigned to the Croatian border”, he said.

While Croatia is happy to let people pass through, Hungary and Slovenia say allowing the migrants to cross their borders would violate European Union rules.

Hungarian authorities said a train carrying more than 1,000 migrants and about 40 Croatian police had arrived unannounced.

Croatia on Friday closed all border crossings with Serbia except one in an effort to control the flow which has strained authorities.

The two former Yugoslav republics suddenly find themselves on the path of a huge migration of people westwards from war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the scale of which has sowed discord and recrimination in the European Union. Instead, they are trying to reach western European countries such as Germany that have said they are welcome.

Croatia began busing migrants to Hungary and closing its border crossings with Serbia.

Serbian officials, fearing that the closure would block thousands of migrants inside the country, protested Zagreb’s move.

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s social affairs minister, said Serbia will take Croatia to global courts if the border crossings remain closed, arguing that it should have been prepared for the influx.

The human misery was evident in Croatian towns like Beli Manastir, near the border with Hungary.

Since the pictures of three-year-old Alan Kurdi were splashed across newspapers around the world, more children have been found dead on the beaches, with the body of another four-year-old Syrian girl washed up on a beach in western Turkey on Friday. Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said if the crisis continued “it is a matter of time” before the border was shut completely, though Milanovic, in his remarks, questioned whether even that would keep migrants out.

Thomas Schweikl says that while medics aren’t on-site at all times, ambulances can be called when necessary.


As temperatures dipped overnight, hundreds of migrants at the Obrezje crossing set up tents camping there without food and water while Slovenian police allowed limited numbers in.

Migrants mass on Slovenia border