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People have taken to admiring high-profile, A-list entourages from afar, such as those boasted by stars such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce.


The comedic bestie duo spent their weekend with new members of the squad: Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari. And of course, when great minds are put together, they will make great existential short films. Schumer also posted another video which gives a look at Ansari and his team delivering a very loud wakeup call for Caramele.

Ansari and Schumer were taking a day of rest from the Oddball Comedy Tour, on which they’re both performing, while Pratt and Lawrence were taking a day off from the set of “Passengers”, a film they’re costarring in.

Lawrence is listed as director of the effort, while Schumer served as the director of photography.

Here’s hoping that all four of these amusing folks find a way to work together again. Titled, “hi guys”, it stars a swinging Ansari, peacocking Pratt, and the effervescent, echoing giggle of Schumer.


Which is all to say: Why doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence have an Instagram yet?

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