Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise Recap 8/31/15: Season 1 Episode 5

She decides to take Justin and they head off into the jungle where they encounter a Shaman who puts them through an elaborate native ceremony conducted entirely in Spanish. Just another week in Paradise!


Just as Jaclyn asks baby-faced Jared out on a date, Ashley leaps back to the Mexican compound with a seductive offer of her own, sparking the brown-eyed cutie’s fancy as he agrees to a sexy sleepover.

However, she admitted that she is “terrified” that the new arrival of Jaclyn Schwartz is going to “steal” Jared from her, even though he ended things with her in last weeks’ episode. [Editor’s note: Whoa.]. If they aren’t, I certainly am. I hate “what ifs”.

And so to the letter… I was a romantic comedy lead chasing after a guy – but we’re taught as young girls that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. He thought they had a lot in common and that this was his last chance.

‘I don’t know what happened.

Unsure of what to do with his date card, Justin asks his second choice, Amber, out on a walk through Salyulita capped off by some Salsa dancing and making out in the surf. “This is one of the biggest nights of my life”. Justin, of course, knew it was not legal, but said he needed someone to help him get a “divorce”. Sweet relief!! “I’m not interested in dating anyone else”, he said. It said to pick a man she could see a future with, so naturally she assumed it had something to do with aliens. “I may not be a virgin tomorrow”. Because here’s the deal.

The female members of the “Bachelor in Paradise” cast. We’re on TV! “This is the best marriage I’ve ever had”. So I don’t necessarily mean everything that comes out of my mouth in an interview. When she woke up that morning, though, she found that her lips had blown up – and not in a good way. Get the full recap here. But that’s not sexy, is it?

“Jared’s definitely hot enough to be my first”, said Iaconetti during a confession on the show. I giggle, and then continue, “But I’m not going to go below the waist tonight”.

Will Ashley Iaconetti lose her virginity to Jared Haibon? And suddenly things got tense all over again.

It was one of the weirder dates in history, involving a mud bath and someone who may or may not be a priest conducting some sort of ceremony. While most people, especially Dan, were trying to talk Sam into dumping Joe, I spoke up for my buddy. Did you see the episode?

Dan Cox and Nick Peterson are still fighting over Samantha Steffen. Dan wasn’t sure if he had a real shot to date Samantha, but he was still going to try.

Jaclyn is swooping in on Jared, which makes Ashley I. go into panic mode and ask for a fantasy suite date. It was the kind of hilarious self-deprecating humor that only a dumping can bring about. I also can’t hear it without picturing this ridiculous, cheesy montage. As Jared exits Paradise, the house is left with a serious reminder that not all couples will survive this challenging final week. Meanwhile, Chelsie Webster from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor was trying to pick a date.

Oh there’s also Chris Bukowski, ugh.


The new comers are taking over paradise!

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