‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap Spoilers: Lies, Cover-ups and Tears

Bustle reports that Samantha and Nick were also in contact prior to the show, just like her and Joe. Nick ends up taking Ashley S. on a date which involves massages and a few drinks.


Sunday night’s installment will pick up after last Monday’s fight between Joe and the other contestants.

Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2, episode 4A airs on ABC on Sunday, August 23 at 8 p.m. EDT.

Tanner then revealed that Joe had shown him screenshots of texts sent by Samantha asking him to do whatever it takes to stay on set until she arrived.

Bachelor in Paradise takes a dramatic turn when surprising decisions are made during the rose ceremony. Meanwhile, a devastated Juelia makes an unexpected request from host Chris Harrison and Mikey Tenerelli returns for another chance to find love. Samantha and Joe decide to address the controversy surrounding their relationship at the cocktail party. The latter use the opportunity to take things to the next level by choosing to continue their date in a hotel suite, where they spill their feelings (and fears) to one another and Tanner – adorably – asks Jade to be his girlfriend.

With the rose ceremony looming, a couple of the women are going home. To make matters worse for Joe, the couple he wronged, Mikey and Juelia, is given an overnight date and everyone couldn’t be happier for their second chance at love.

Finally, “Bachelor in Paradise” fans can look forward to an emotional confrontation between Jared and Ashley I. Is their dramatic “relationship” over for good?

Although Samantha is giving Joe a ton of attention, he’s totally paranoid about losing her, and Samantha is finally starting to wonder if what everyone’s been saying about her new man is true. Escaping all the drama, Kirk surprises Carly with an impromptu fishing date where they discuss their future as a couple and take in a stunning sunset, leaving Carly convinced she has found her husband. There’s probably going to be some temptation to give it to Joe just because of the way he’s acted, but they’ve also wasted nearly no time in turning Samantha into someone nearly as complicit in what happened. He seeks advice from Ashley I., who suggests that he attempt a fresh start with Samantha. She picked Dan even if she’s not that into him, leaving Joe in the dust.

– On tomorrow’s episode, Justin Reich joins the cast and asks both Samantha and Amber out on a date.

With the Juelia drama out of the way, things seem to be going well for Joe and Samantha – but not for long!


For Samantha and Nick, things didn’t go as smoothly as they intended it to be.

Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers Surprise Departures and an Unexpected Return