Band Sparks Rumors About Break Up After Extended Hiatus — One Direction News

Harvey also revealed that he had already offered Harry a role in his movie Tulip Fever but the singer had to turn it down due to One Direction commitments. Back in July, when the group celebrated its five-year anniversary, Harry Styles struck an nearly wistful tone.


Fans’ hearts were broken over the weekend when speculation emerged One Direction is going on hiatus in 2016, but Niall has assured Directioners there is nothing to fret over.

Some older fans who went through the original boyband trauma of the Take That split of 1996, sympathised with the young fans and offered some reassuring words of wisdom…

“Don’t worry though, we still have lots to achieve!” They’ll promote it till February, and then the hiatus starts. “They are great friends and fully support one another”, the source continued adding, “They are very aware that they are able to work on their own stuff as well as remain together“.

One Direction will reportedly disband next year and not tour for their fifth as yet untitled album.

There has been no confirmation from the band themselves or their representatives, so as with any rumour, this one needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Much like when couples say they’re taking a break, I wouldn’t bet on that break ending any time soon.

They boys have just celebrated five years together after forming on The X Factor and being signed to Simon Cowell’s label, Syco Records.

They’ve topped the charts in over 100 countries worldwide, and are continuing their On The Road Again tour dates here in the UK next month with live shows in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Nail Horan, on the other hand, is intent in making his own music while, Liam Payne wants to focus on his songwriting.

In a move likely to devastate millions of teenage girls, British boy band “One Direction” is splitting up, according to a United Kingdom tabloid newspaper.


Moreover, the source clarified that the split has nothing to do with Zayn Malik’s departure from the band earlier this year.

Will the boys of One Direction go in four different solo directions