Bangkok bomb: Foreign role in attack unlikely, says government

He said police believe the bomber had accomplices.


The video looks pretty damning, but it’s worth noting that security footage has led to false identifications of suspects, including mistaken ethnicities, after a number of attacks in the past, including the attempted 2010 Times Square bombing, and-with more tragic consequences-the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Above is the footage of that man, who appears dressed in a yellow shirt with a backpack.

Thai police have said two further men – also seen on CCTV footage around the shrine in the lead-up to the explosion – are suspected of involvement in the attack.

“It is a big network.

There must be people who know (the) escape route and take the bomber to do it”.

“There must have been at least ten people involved”.

The bomb struck during Monday’s rush hour in a popular tourist area in the city’s commercial heart, studded by upscale shopping malls and five-star hotels.

A 1 million baht ($28,000) reward has been offered to anyone who can give police information leading to his arrest.

The police warrant said authorities were searching for a “foreign man”, and the sketch released showed a fair-skinned man with thick, medium-length black hair, a wispy beard and black glasses.

The military government was initially reluctant in asking for outside help in the investigation of the blast.

“We sent a request for assistance”, Kissana Phathancharoen, deputy national police spokesman, told Reuters.

Mr Prayuth has called the attack “the worst incident that has ever happened in Thailand” and vowed to catch the perpetrators.

Another 68 people remain in critical condition after a blast that shredded bodies and incinerated motorcycles at one of the city´s busiest intersections, sending a shockwave through the country´s pivotal tourist industry. “I’ve never come across any [Uygur], but it’s hard to tell just by appearance”, shoe shopkeeper Sue, a hijab-wearing Thai woman in her 30s, said.

The chief suspect is “an unnamed male foreigner”, according to an arrest warrant issued Wednesday by a Thai court. Twenty people were killed in Monday’s attack on the shrine.

Checks at airports and other exit points found that no one matching the description of the main suspect had left the country since the attack, he said.

Meanwhile, the police chief, Somyot Poompanmoung, indicated that the probe was looking for links to other plotters. It is dedicated to the Hindu god Brahma, but is extremely popular among Thailand’s Buddhists as well as Chinese tourists.


On Wednesday, people knelt in prayer, lit incense and placed flowers at the site of the bombing.

Thai military says global terror link 'unlikely' in bombing