Ben Carson: Blocking gun rights worse than ‘body with bullet holes’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is recognized for being the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head. He blogs for Ministry Matters and is a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors.


These are exciting times in which to live and serve the Lord. But the difference between them and Carson is that they have not run away from civil rights.

But his opposition may wane now that the bill has passed.

“She told my husband she just purchased some new guns a few weeks ago and took him shooting. I absolutely would not agree with that”, said Carson.

However, when asked by Cavuto if he thought the real estate mogul was being naive in his assessment of the situation, Carson made it known he didn’t want to discuss his 2016 counterpart.

“You’re not going to handle [the issue] with more gun control because gun control only works for normal law abiding citizens, it doesn’t work for crazies”, he said. He suggested that keeping schools from pre-K to college campuses gun-free leads to danger, rather than preventing it. Gunmen “aren’t likely to go into a place where they are likely to get shot”, he told Susan Page and Derek McGinty.

If the book had been a turning point with his relationship with the black community, the 2009 movie was the beginning of a shift in the other direction.

In a way, it should reassure people to know that Carson is actually running his own Facebook page and not a savvy PR firm.

In a wide-ranging interview with Capital Download, Carson endorsed expanding efforts to identify and treat the mentally ill before they commit acts of violence. “I hope you’ll enjoy learning about the fascinating ways that the Founders established the greatest democracy in history – and the ways that recent presidents, congresses, and courts have threatened that democracy”.

The newfound attention was enough to land him as a runner-up on Gallup’s annual “most admired man” list in 2014, alongside the likes of Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Bill O’Reilly.

Malzberg then asked if Carson could see himself being “a boss to Donald Trump“.

What would Ben Carson do if he have been in an identical position?

For black conservatives such as Rita Davenport, Carson is a gift. Because to say that any religion in America contradicts the Constitution is in itself a contradiction in terms, as the constitution itself is the law of a country that was established by people who were themselves fleeing religious persecution. I’m good with that.


“I don’t want to talk about Trump“.