Bernie Sanders could not care less about Hillary Clinton’s hair

During his speech, Walker noted he grew up in Plainfield in northeast Iowa and is in the process of completing a “full Grassley” tour of Iowa’s 99 counties.


Ad buy for Bush: Here come the Jeb Bush advertisements, courtesy of the super PAC allied with the Republican presidential contender’s campaign. Trump has been dominating polls since he entered the race in June.

John Kasich, who’s scheduled to appear at the fair Tuesday, spent Monday picking up the support of Alabama’s governor.

Donald Trump is dominating his GOP rivals on social media, just as he is in the polls.

Trump has also shown that he is serious about building a credible operation in the state, hiring operatives skilled at building support at the grassroots level.

Supporters of other candidates in the state also stressed caution that the poll was some kind of harbinger of a Sanders wave.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who spoke after Mr. Walker, touted her personal relationships with world leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and painted a contrast with Democratic presidential front-runner and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was in Iowa over the weekend. Trump even went along with some of the children. “We’re not taking care of our trade deals”, Trump said.

That left Turner, 35, a resident of Burlington, Iowa, disappointed. “That’s what we’re looking for, the plain talk”. Santorum, who is spending several days at the fair, used an interview with the Register Saturday to criticize the Obama administration’s Clean Water Act rule, which he said would be “devastating” to farmers.

“I think, that’s a little bit different approach than Donald Trump’s”, Sanders added, according to CBS News.

As the protesters shouted, Walker seized the opportunity to highlight his record as a fighter who faced off against unions in Wisconsin and became the first governor to successfully fight an effort to recall him from office. They shouted, “You failed your state!” and “Down with Walker!”

Rowher and Johnson, both members of the Iowa Corn Growers Association board, and Billick took part in a small, private meeting this spring with Clinton where she sought advice on agriculture policy and economic development.


Anthony DeFino, 18, of Ankeny, Iowa, said he thought the exchange boosted Walker in the eyes of conservatives in the crowd. Fiorina said states should determine the minimum wage. When someone in the crowd asked Walker about immigration, Walker said the U.S. needs to build a “wall” along the southern border and end “sanctuary cities” where deportation orders are not followed. The caucuses are in January, five months away. “And if we let our people really go, we wouldn’t need the oil at all“. He called Trump’s success in early polls – in spite of his offensive comments about Mexicans, women and veterans – “an embarrassment for our country”.