Bernie Sanders hits 1 million donors

There was never any doubt that Bernie Sanders had the policy chops to mount a national campaign.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign gave its own preview of third quarter fundraising, saying she raised $28 million, more than Sanders, but not by much.

In what is the most compelling evidence yet that Sanders is serious about winning the Democratic nomination, and the presidency, he told former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod that he hasn’t ruled out running negative ads for the first time in his career.

$40 million: The total amount raised by Sanders so far.

Sanders’ is notoriously stingy with his funds and reportedly has $25 million in cash on hand. Representatives for New America and a Clinton campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Boston Thursday to discuss her $10 billion plan to curb drug and alcohol addiction in the United States. That revelation has raised, among other concerns surrounding the sharing of classified information, fears that her and her staff’s emails were vulnerable to hackers.

For her part, Clinton’s campaign said Wednesday that 93 percent of its donations since July were $100 or less.

So many Internet users were receiving the same speeding-ticket ruse that New York State police and others began openly warning about the ploy as early as June 2011, two months before Clinton received the messages.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was warned against revealing her private email practices at the State Department over hacking fears.

Even if you continue to believe, as I do, that Clinton will eventually be the Democratic nominee and that Democrats are not going to nominate someone like Sanders in a year when Republicans will be aggressively pushing to win the White House, these numbers are significant.

The figure draws attention to the growing relevance of Senator Sanders’s insurgent campaign, which “has been discounted by many party leaders as a serious threat to Clinton”, as The Washington Post puts it.


This is characteristic of the Sanders and Clinton campaigns. That means she set aside just $3 million of that total. Clinton, with help from her Super PACs, will certainly be able to spend more than Sanders.

Bernie Sanders hits 1 million donors