Bernie Sanders making campaign swing through Massachusetts

On Thursday, fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Boston for a public forum on substance abuse. “This is a legitimate issue where there is a significant difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders“.


While alienation among Republicans has drawn more attention, given the fiery language of the race’s front-running celebrity, Trump, the anti-establishment mood on the left is just as intense and potentially just as consequential to the selection of a Democratic nominee. “Who can be more of an outsider than a woman president?” she added.

The Democratic hopeful first stopped in Springfield, and then made his way to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, where he drew deafening cheers with his signature impassioned pledges to rebuild America’s middle class and fight for free college tuition. However, Bernie’s philosophy has a flavor somewhat unique in American politics – after all, he has unabashedly stated he is a Democratic Socialist.

The very title of Harrop’s piece, “Sanders a marginal senator”, bespeaks the political establishment’s agenda of discrediting and marginalizing any candidate who substantially threatens the status quo. At a campaign event in Iowa, shortly before the Charleston shooting, someone in the audience pointed out that Sanders hadn’t mentioned gun control in his stump speech. Sanders has been leading Clinton in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a CBS poll conducted in September.

Lemay said he was undecided between her and Sanders.

“The energy has just gotten so strong”, said Raymond Bazydlo from Essex, New York, who said he has been to several of Sanders’ campaign events along the East Coast. A few people said they support him because he’s not your average politician.

Geary, an independent voter, said he fully supports Sanders.

“He may not have been on the national stage before, but I do not think it will faze him in the slightest”, John MacGovern, a Republican who challenged Sanders unsuccessfully in 2012 told Reuters. “The question for Sanders is whether he can get those people to show up and vote in February.”!~neIP~! Regardless of whether you are bothered by the nomenclature, he is most certainly a big government liberal who wants more programs funneled through the federal government. Environmentalists put enormous pressure on Clinton to come out against the Keystone pipeline project, which she did last month. There, his rhetoric is decidedly more moderate.

The previous secretary of state will layout four particular proposition amid a couple of town corridor occasions in New Hampshire, all of which are certain to move exceptional restriction from firearm rights advocates.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is used to attracting large crowds during his campaign rallies, and his 3 October rally in Boston was no different.

How out of the ordinary is Sanders’s fundraising?


“What we have got to do — and your presence out here tonight is half way here — what we have got to do is to make a political revolution where we involve people in the political process in a way they have not been involved before”, he told them. “So we now have enough money to run a winning campaign”.

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