Bernie Sanders nipping at Hillary Clinton’s heels: By the numbers

“You wouldn’t believe it’s possible, frankly, with what she’s done, and even the criminality involved, that she could be talking about running for president“.


Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton usually appears on every news outlet, as there’s much to talk about the presidential hopeful.

The Democratic money primary has turned into a battle of big ticket fundraisers versus online donations. Clinton attended a flurry of them during the period. This is similar to the most established matching funds system now in existence in the US, that of New York City.

Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who has never sought or held elective office, also tapped a grass-roots network. His average donation amount is $24.86.

Next month, the campaigns will release their financial reports. (NPR broke down all the candidates’ donations here).

Lagging fundraising tends to doom candidates heading into the fall. The USA has so far resisted the calls. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Bush supporters, as well as his campaign, had raised 4 million through June 30.

“Some Clinton voters acknowledge that her handling of her emails and the Benghazi situation bothers them and that the issues could hurt her in the general election if she is the nominee”, said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston. Each only began to surge in the last few weeks. Her third-quarter haul, they note, was the largest for a non-incumbent in the year before a presidential contest. The Sanders campaign, however, was spending just over $1.5 million.

The introspection is revealed in the latest batch of Clinton’s emails released by the State Department, the fifth dump in a monthly series set to last until January 2016. But many of her donors have already given the maximum ,700 to her campaign.

“For Bernie Sanders to get into this race on the 30th of April and to be raising nearly as much money as Hillary Clinton is a significant achievement”, Devine said. Clinton raised around $28 million; Sanders raised around $26 million.

Sanders has raised a total of about $39 million.


The Vermont senator received $26 million in contributions, $2 million of which came in on Wednesday, just before the quarterly disclosure deadline, according to a campaign spokesman. “But I – we’ll see”.

Bernie Sanders hits 1 million donors