Best Dressed Celebrities In 2013 Mets Gala

Costumes plays a crucial factor in determining the style quotient of the individual, and when it comes to celebrities, stylish costumes are unavoidable factor which increases their looks and charm. Almost all celebrities are highly careful about their costumes, and they are ready to spend whooping sum of money to excel their looks. They are well aware that a small malfunction will spoil the whole party, and they will be the notorious corner of attraction for all kinds of media. In the latest Met’s 2013 Gala theme, we witnessed large number of celebrities dressed up in a highly stylish manner. Please find below the detailing of the costumes adopted by some noted celebrities in the Met’s 2013 Gala. Clebrity Insider



Miley Cyrus: This dazzling lady was literally dashing in the Gala. She was found wearing a long sleeve made up of black mesh. This black mesh was over laying a nude slip, and she was looking quite pretty in this costume. Her hair style was really different, and she portrayed a spiked hair which was highly attractive.

Taylor Swift: This pretty lady was highly seductive in her black sleeveless, and was one of the centre points of attraction. Her eyes were talking for her, and the pulled back hair acted as catalyst in increasing her beauty and seduction.

Katy Perry: This beauty doll was absolutely stunning in the event. She wore a beautifully crafted dress and a picture of saint was overlaying in her chest. She was looking charming as always, and cameras were hunting her like anything.

Anne Hathaway: Anne Hathaway is undoubtedly a beauty queen. This celebrity was spotted wearing a black vintage valentine gown and her nail was polished yellow. She was charming, and camera flashes add the beauty and glitter of her face.

Beyonce: Beyonce was charming as always. Her costumes were simply stunning. She was wearing a lengthy orange train, matched elbow gloves, and blending thigh high boots. Her costumes were the most noted ones in the whole event, and it was a talking topic throughout the day.


Kim Kardashian: This sexy lady was wearing a costume which covered all the beauty, and for many it was not a good sight. Many people were expecting ample skin show, but many of them were disappointed miserably.

Kirsten Stewart: This charming lady was looking cute in her red costumes, and the color of her costumes was perfectly matching with her nails and smoky eyes. She was literally dashing throughout the event.

Cameroon Diaz: She was spotted wearing a blue outfit with a wooden box clutch and gold spiked belt. Like any other event, Cameron Diaz was one of the most awaited celebrities in the whole event, and her presence gave an electrifying atmosphere to the whole stage.


Summary: All the celebrities in the Met’s 2013 Gala was literally dashing in one way or other. They were showing all their beauty in front of Camera, and all the audience was stunned seeing the exquisite style and dress sense of these celebrities.