Best Time To Go To The Haunted House



Going to a haunted house during the Halloween season is one of the most exciting ways to prepare yourself for Halloween. Whether you enjoy getting scared out of your mind or if you do not find haunted houses scary at all but enjoy the experience, going to a haunted house can be a great way to spend time with friends. This is especially true if you live in Denver. Over the past few years, Denver has become increasingly notorious for its terrifying world-class haunted houses. However, with their popularity being on the rise it has become more difficult to get into these haunted houses without having to wait in 1-3 hour lines. Some of the more famous haunted houses have longer lines. Luckily, there are several tricks to avoiding the long lines at haunted houses.

Go Early In The Season

One of the best times to go to haunted houses is within the first few days after they open for the season. The closer you get to Halloween the more and more crowded the haunted houses become. If you go early in the season (since many haunted houses have started to open as early as September), most people will not even be thinking about Halloween yet so you should not have a hard time getting in. Also, going early in the season can be beneficial as many haunted houses consider their first few days to be “dress rehearsals”. This means that tickets during these early days are often sold at a discounted price.

Go Mid-Week

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are the best days to go to haunted houses as these are the nights people will be least likely to go since these are generally school/ work nights. Many haunted houses find these nights to be slow and may even offer mid-week specials. Sunday is perhaps the best of these days to go since many people are opposed to going to a haunted house on a religious day. It is important to remember that the closer it gets to being Halloween the more crowded haunted houses will get. Closer to Halloween you cannot be certain that haunted houses will be any less crowded during the middle of the week.

Go During The Afternoon

Many haunted houses are open for business starting in the early afternoon. This may not be as fun since the point of a haunted house for most people is to go at night when it is dark and spooky, daytime haunted houses are generally deserted. This makes going in the daytime a good option for people who want to avoid the lines associated with end of season nighttime haunted houses.