Biden: 2016 Decision ‘May Not Get There in Time’

Biden’s visits to Ohio and Michigan last Thursday were closely watched for signs he’s gauging his support in two states that typically play a key role in electing the next president.


The vice president didn’t tip his hand at either stop, eschewing talk of the presidential race for wonkier discourse about infrastructure upgrades and economic development. But he is delaying a decision to allow himself and his family an opportunity to grieve the death of his son Beau to brain cancer.

However, Biden did say that there is a place for pro-life people in the Democratic Party even though their stance is pro-abortion.

Even waiting until now has put Biden behind in terms of staffing up and fundraising.

Among the names they’ve discussed are Obama campaign ad guru Larry Grisolano and former White House communications director Anita Dunn, who recently met with Biden at his home.

I just felt that we needed to speak out and I’d lend my voice to lifting him up and encouraging him to run“, Quirmbach said. Only six percent say they don’t know Biden.

Pundits have interpreted some of Biden’s recent comments as suggesting he is leaning away from running, including a recent appearance on the “Late Show,” in which host Stephen Colbert asked Biden if he was emotionally prepared for a campaign. But I do know that Biden can’t wait much longer. “I’m being completely honest”.

“(Biden) wants there to be a Democratic president. His stops in states such as Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida have fuelled assumptions he’s closer to jumping into the race.

He’s slammed Republicans running for president – including Donald Trump, who he assailed by name as offering a “sick message” on immigration. The Vice-President has swung from campaign-style rallies marked by chants of “Run, Joe, Run” to introspection casting doubt on his readiness for a race.

After stepping from behind the podium, he walked around in the crowd and told attendees at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, “I have a really nicely written statement my staff drafted”.

Vice-president Joe Biden’s wife has said that she is “on board” if he chose to run for president in 2016.

Thirty-three percent of voters threw their support behind Clinton in the poll, while Biden, who has not decided whether he’ll launch a bid, earned 25 percent support.

However, Biden would have to submit paperwork before Nov. 6 as the first filing deadline facing Democratic candidates is Alabama, where candidates are required to file paperwork by Nov. 6 to get on the primary ballot.


He told America Magazine that he must be certain that he can give the presidency “all my passion, all my energy, and…not be distracted” if he decides to run, a sentiment Biden has expressed before.

In a new interview vice president Joe Biden said he personally believes'abortion is always wrong but would not impose his view on others through legislation