Biden calls out Trump on immigration remarks

Biden, who’s considering entering the presidential race, used striking language to describe Trump – especially the Republican front-runner’s heated rhetoric against illegal immigration. Meanwhile, the vice-president still has not given any indication about a possible presidential campaign, despite support from many quarters.


“Folks the American people are with us”, Biden said.

Biden told approximately 75 guests at a Hispanic heritage event at his residence at the Naval Observatory, among them former Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez, that Trump was “appealing to the baser side of human nature”. But I’m telling you, I’m telling you, the American people agree with us. The vice-president called out Donald Trump by name a couple of times during his speech, labeling his immigration message as “sick”. “The New York Occasions and others get it fallacious once they conclude from Joe’s indecision that he’s nearly definitely to not run“.

“This will pass: the Trump stuff, and that stuff that you’re hearing on the other team”, he said.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday, however, stressed Obama’s comments were not only aimed at Trump, who has called for mass deportations and the construction of a wall across the entire U.S.-Mexico border.

“This isn’t about Democrat – Republican”.

His message has caused anger among American Latinos, and consternation among the Republican establishment, which has been working to increase its standing among minority voters.

Biden, whose son Beau died recently, has said he is not sure he has the emotional capacity to make what would be his third run for president.

In Des Moines on Monday, President Barack Obama said, “this whole anti-immigrant sentiment that’s out there in our politics right now is contrary to who we are”.


Without even announcing a run, speculation alone has Vice President Joe Biden polling at 20 percent behind Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. Despite the passionate messaging, there is still no word on a campaign decision.

Did Obama just take on Trump and others on immigration?