Biden Meets With Warren as He Weighs Presidential Bid, CNN Says

Tucked away at his family home in Delaware, Vice President Joe Biden has been huddling with longtime aides and family members, evaluating what it would take to launch a viable presidential campaign against well-funded Democratic opponents with a huge head start. Both of the individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the meeting publicly.


Spending time with Biden in Delaware has been longtime Biden confidantes Mike Donilon and former Sen. Ted Kaufman, as well as with his grandson, Hunter Biden, and his sister, Valerie Owens Biden, who has played a key role in all his previous campaigns.

Biden’s staff has settled on a one-month window from September 1 to October. 1 during which he might probably announce plans to run. Publicly, he has said that he will announce his decision on whether or not to run at the end of the summer, according to The Huffington Post. The longer he waits, the much less time he has to construct a formidable marketing campaign, however competing occasions on the administration’s calendar make it troublesome to launch within the subsequent couple of weeks.

Like many Democrats, Biden and his team are carefully eyeing the continued questions about Clinton’s email use at the State Department. If her marketing campaign have been to break down, Biden might feasibly enter the race a lot later and stay aggressive.

Biden has apparently given increased thought to a run for president after being urged to do so by his son Beau, who died of brain cancer earlier this year. Biden would begin with zero within the financial institution. Individually, the tremendous PAC encouraging Biden to run has set a objective to boost $2.5 million to $three million within the subsequent six or so weeks.

As a super PAC, Draft Biden is exempt from contribution limits, and could pay for pro-Biden television advertising. But the trappings of his current job make campaigning extremely expensive for Biden.

If Biden does mount a run for president, the cost of flying him from event to event on Air Force Two would come under scrutiny, as political travel for sitting presidents running for re-election has for decades.

It remains to be seen whether Biden could attract enough major donors and bundlers to fund a competitive campaign.

Clinton and Sanders have already amassed millions of dollars while securing support from numerous party’s top fundraisers.

Biden’s supporters have said that if he does decide to run, he will portray himself as an heir to President Barack Obama’s legacy.

He has told his associates he intends to make his decision in the next month, an announcement that could upend the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Recent polls have also showed socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders cutting into Clinton’s lead, with the underdog even topping her in early primary state New Hampshire.


In the last month a draft Biden committee has been working more aggressively to promote a potential candidacy.