Big Mac for China’s president

Trump vowed Monday not to throw Chinese President Xi Jinping a lavish state dinner as the Chinese leader will enjoy in September when he visits the U.S. for meetings with President Barack Obama, a little over a year after Jinping hosted Obama in China.


“We’ll give him a state dinner and what he has done is suck all the jobs, suck all the money right out of our country“.

However the proposed breach of diplomatic protocol is nothing private, it appears.

Tensions between the U.S. and China over cybersecurity have grown following the massive spring hack of the Office of Personnel Management.

“Their leaders are clever”. “We need to disrupt and deter what our adversaries are doing in cyberspace, and that means you need a full range of tools to tailor a response”.

Trump’s feedback echo earlier remarks he made about China’s obvious power relative to the USA – whilst China’s financial system tanks. “We don’t win anymore”.

“There’s no doubt that China has some real issues in front of it and the devaluation of the yuan as well as the huge selloff in their markets spell trouble ahead, so I think it’s justified”, she said, while also questioning the Federal Reserve’s meddling in the economy. We lose to Mexico each in commerce and on the border. “We lose to everybody”, he said.

The statement comes just days after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a GOP presidential contender, called on Obama to cancel the upcoming state visit.

The state visit is still very much on.

“It is through engagement with China that the United States has been able to make progress on issues that are important to US businesses and to the American people – from increasing access to the Chinese market for US firms, to securing an ambitious climate change agreement”, Schultz said. “Our government should have stopped China from devaluing”.

Chinese language authorities haven’t responded to both comment.


No word, yet, on the menu.

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