Bill O’Reilly Battles Donald Trump Over Immigration: ‘There’s a Better Way

The man, Scott Leader, age 38, told the police, “Donald Trump was right, all those illegals need to be deported”. Or, to put it in Trump’s plainspoken words, “they’ve got to go”.


As for Coulter, well, venom is the lady’s shtick. While some experts expect his losses to mount, others believe the diversity and sheer size of the Trump empire will protect the presidential candidate from true financial disaster. He has crafted a highly populist message aimed at average white (and even black) Americans to focus all their frustration and fury on the Mexicans in their midst. An article in The New York Times last weekend explained why “Trump Won’t Fold”.

Yeah – you’re right in there in with him, so to speak. Throw out a enormous, internationally advertised reprieve, along with a shoulder-shrugging, ho-hum attitude about too many still existing restrictions, and you would in effect have issued a mass invitation to come and get it. Nevertheless, disinfectant is required.

Talk about punching the Statue of Liberty in the eye. This “influx of foreign workers”, he continues, “holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high and makes it hard for poor and working class Americans – including immigrants themselves and their children – to earn a middle-class wage”.

This sick, racist fantasy nearly certainly won’t happen. And the purchase of American goods and services builds up the U.S. economy. Some estimates place the governmental cost of wholesale deportation at around half a trillion dollars.

Would Mr. Trump actually fill all of the tens of thousands of seats at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, the home field for the University of South Alabama Jaguars?

There are those who contend that the 14th Amendment, passed, ironically, by radical Republicans in the aftermath of the Civil War, was meant to apply only to freed slaves.

While O’Reilly said that he’s fine with removing criminals and other risky illegals, he said his concern is over the “law-abiding people with American-citizen kids”.

The undocumented and their progeny most certainly are “subject to the jurisdiction” of U.S. laws. This is an aspect of the immigration debate that nearly no one else will touch. “We’re moving into a new America”.

The idea of birthright citizenship stretches back to English common law and predates the Declaration of Independence. I was nominated for an individual Pulitzer Prize back in 1988 for an eight-month project I did on crack cocaine when it first came to Tallahassee.

He recently announced that, as president, he would prohibit American companies like Ford from building plants in Mexico.

He probably wouldn’t have achieved liftoff without it, and now that his campaign has entered a new phase of semi-attempted seriousness, it is fitting that an immigration plan is the first policy proposal he has committed to paper. “We may be saying the same thing here”. Those that do not are outliers, or worse, the work of liars.

“Again, [an] illegal immigrant is charged with the fatal bludgeoning of a wonderful and loved 64 year old woman. It’s going to be a wall that is not – nobody’s going through my wall“, Trump has said. I was offered five million from a guy, a really nice guy, I know him, and I turned him down.

Of course, Democrats and liberals are as fervent believers in the welfare-warfare state way of life and all those statist programs as Trump and the Republicans are. But Vega Canovas errs in comparing Jews in Nazi Germany to illegal aliens, because Jews were legal citizens who were persecuted by their own country.

Arizona’s death row is similarly instructive. He was one of the Democrats – OK, the only Democratic Socialist – who helped kill comprehensive immigration reform in 2007.


But Trump has abused the trust of his audiences by suggesting that an illegal immigrant crime spree is the great threat to our nation.

Mobile Alabama. The Trump campaign moved tonight's rally to a larger stadium to accommodate demand