Bill to defund Planned Parenthood failed to pass

Some members threaten to challenge Boehner’s speakership. It would also allow them to pass a stopgap measure free of Planned Parenthood restrictions before the October. 1 deadline to keep the government open.


Republican aides also said lawmakers were considering ramping up congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood.

Let me say from the start that if Congress were to pass a spending bill, and President Obama were to veto it exclusively because it stripped funding from Planned Parenthood, the shutdown would be his fault.

“I don’t know how they’d take on additional services and then bureaucracy, accounting [and so on]”, Anderson said “It’s just a bad idea”. McConnell will propose a “clean” CR until December 11. The measure, which included the anti-abortion language, needed 60 votes to advance but failed, 52 to 47. Minority Democrats couldn’t demand a 60-vote threshold.

In response to the backlash, Planned Parenthood of the heartland, an Iowa branch of the organization said in a statement to ABC9 that reads in part: “We provide care to almost 38,000 women and men in Iowa each year”.

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Boehner’s proposal was immediately panned by Heritage Action for America, a Washington-based lobbying group that promotes conservative public policies. There, GOP leaders have been stymied in their hopes to pass a continuing resolution. Murray said her colleagues were using women’s health as a “Tea Party political football”, and urged Republicans to stop “governing by crisis”.

That wasn’t the case for this measure, which attracted eight Republican “no” votes (Dean Heller of Nevada, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Susan Collins of Maine, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire), and only one Democratic “yes” vote (Joe Manchin of West Virginia). He predicted the number would be at least 50. If one occurred, it would be the fault of Democrats, Sullivan said.

The Senate is expected to take a vote next week on a so-called “clean” funding bill that does not include language to defund Planned Parenthood.

I don’t think the founding fathers had any thought in their mind that the board of directors of a great country would make a decision to shut itself down over extraneous issues”, he said.

“The government should not be funding Planned Parenthood or any abortions in the first place”, said Senator Isakson. On Thursday, the Republican-led Wisconsin Assembly approved a bill banning the state from using federal family planning money from going to Planned Parenthood and other organizations that perform abortions.

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The spending measure, now offered as an amendment to H.R. 719, would give the Obama administration much of what it asked for, while saying no to a request to revive the Export-Import Bank.

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