Bird Stabber Jailed For 90 Days

Now here is a piece of news that will get you wondering why people do the certain things that they do. This present incident will convince you that some human beings are more bird brained that the bird themselves. A man called David Hritz was recently convicted of brutally stabbing his pet bird a cockatiel. Hritz is also said to have assaulted his roommate. Clearly the man has issues and needs a psych evaluation.


You will be convinced that Hritz needs the assistance of a mental health care professional, when you hear how he assaulted the poor bird. He is said to have pinned the bird against a wall and stabbed it multiple times with a pocketknife. Newspapers have reported that Hritz did all of this in a fit of anger, which augers the question, what would stop him from doing the very same thing to a human being if he were agitated enough once again?

Bird Stabber Jailed

A judge has sentenced Hritz to 90 days of prison for his actions, but it surely seems that this period will not be sufficient to reform a man like Hritz. After all, just because someone’s angry doesn’t mean they would start flinging their pets to walls and start stabbing them. In court Hritz tried defending himself instead of owning up to his crime, saying his roommate was assaulted by some stranger and that the bird was already dead. He further claimed that he only cut up the bird so he could feed it to his pet snake.

For a man with such huge anger issues, it’s better to not own any pets because they might end up being the poor victims each time he is in a mood for some stabbing. Probably, the next time his pet snake might be the unsuspecting victim. The good news in all of this is the fact that Hritz has been put under two year probation and during this period he shall not be able to own any pets. The only worrying thing about this is that Hritz might try to set his sights on humans now that animals are off-limit. What’s your two cents about the whole issue? Do you feel two years would be sufficient to reform a man like Hritz? Please leave your comments.