Black jack tournaments for real money

Black jack is one of the eldest casino card game and ideal addition to the repertoire of any gambler. The impression from online black jack is the same as in real game in the land-based casinos.


The additional benefits such as improved functionality and the speed of cards dealing make the process of the game in the casino much better. The possibility of high speed game is very important during online black jack tournaments. As a rule, the gamblers play against each other. 15-30 hands are given to them. The winner is that one who wins the greatest number of chips. The winner is replaced to the next table and so until the one gambler will be defined as a final winner. Other methods of the winner definition are also possible but it is the most common.

Online Black Jack Tournament Bonuses

While the gambler creates an account in online casino he gets bonuses. Bonus money he will be able to take during the black jack game in this casino under certain conditions. The majority of bonuses you can get after the certain quantity of bets. The total amount of bets and amount of bonuses are interdependent.

For example, if the casino gambler has chosen the 100 dollars of bonus he must to make bets in 15 or 20 times more than this bonus. Only after that, the casino will transfer the bonus to his account. Unfortunately, the bets which were made during the tournament won’t be considered in most cases because the gambler pays only for the entry ticket to the tournament and he doesn’t spend his money while the game.

Black Jack Tournament Strategy


If you have learned the basic black jack strategy and the system of cards counting you’ll get a good result in online tournament. On the other hand, lots of the gamblers know this strategy in the casino too. So, you’ll have the same chances for win. That’s why you should make some little changes in your strategy and risk more in right moment. For example, if you and your opponent have the equal quantity of chips all you can do for the win is to risk during the game.