Blade Runner 2: Harrison Ford’s reaction, possibly Blade Runner 3

In a recent interview to promote The Martian, Sir Ridley Scott has revealed a few new details about the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel which is set to be directed by Denis Villeneuve.


Speaking about the sequel, Scott insists that part of the story is Rick Deckard, Ford’s original character, owning up to the fact that he is a replicant. The author never wrote a follow-up novel to his science fiction classic, but the filmmakers behind the first Blade Runner took many liberties with the source material anyway, changing much of the plot, the ending, and taking on the Blade Runner title despite it having nothing to do with the book.

So the upcoming sequel to Prometheus isn’t the only thing Ridley Scott is teasing during his promotional tour for The Martian. But all of that isn’t stopping Scott from thinking ahead to his next projects.

“I paid the price for 27 years”. The film depicts a dystopian version of Los Angeles in year 2019 where genetically engineered androids called Replicants are manufactured by powerful mega-corporations for risky work on off-world colonies. “Partly because I’m very user-friendly”. If I was just a financier so you did which typically on my own, I’d take out your fantastic ankles. So don’t do the auteur s-t.

Asked if the “Place Beyond the Pines” star had been recruited so it was possible to make more movies for the franchise in the future, he told: “Listen: Everyone else is, so why not? I’m very lucky to have a job that I adore”, he explained. All my kids do the same thing. It’s so competitive [that] you better keep bouncing the ball.

“You can’t rest… I got Harrison back [for the sequel]”. “I got Harrison back”.



“Harrison said, ‘Meh, ‘ and I said, ‘No, read this, ‘” said Scott. “He’s going to have to admit it”, he revealed. I’m not going to tell you [how the question of replicant expiration is addressed]. In 3D. Skip doing your laundry for tonight, give the baby to the babysitter, steal from your own piggy bank, sacrifice three hours of sleep if you have to and just see this movie. Scott did not comment on that but said that everything will make sense once the film comes out.

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